The Lustica peninsula is located on the coast of Montenegro. It is a real discovery for those who are looking for a spacious resort with breathtaking scenery, transparent waters, clean beaches, ancient houses and, above all, free of tourist crowds.

Sailors love this place because of the fascinating landscapes and because the bays are protected from strong winds and storms.

The sea, olive groves and wild nature, that is what you will get. Many tourists from different countries choose this place to have the most pleasant rest.

Luštica Bay is an independent small town on the peninsula, where all necessary facilities and services for a comfortable stay are found. It is also rewarding to return here over and over again to get away from a polluted city, forget about stress and enjoy the moment. The main thing is that such a pleasure is completely accessible to everyone because of the possibility to rent a property in an elite class complex.

Montenegro can become your place to strengthen you soul, the heavenly place away from the permanent stream of life. All you have to do is choose which side your want to hear the humming sea and where you want to see the sun rising.